About Me

Danielle Lugrand, Certified Perinatal Educator, CPE(COPE), DONA Advanced Certified Birth Doula, AdvCD(DONA), DONA Advanced Certified Postpartum Doula,  AdvPCD(DONA), Certified Lactation Counselor, CLC,  Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, LCCE & Teen Specialist


Danielle Lugrand is an experienced and highly trained prenatal, birth, and postpartum support professional. In her 24 years in the field, she has served as an advocate and positive support for families, peers, and other professionals. With every certification and in every role, she works tirelessly to support the emotional, physical, informational, and practical needs of the individuals and families she serves. 

Danielle works to empower the birthing community through trauma-informed, evidence-based information and culturally competent practices. Her strengths lie in anticipating the needs of her clients and working with birthing teams to create experiences that prioritize the needs of birthing women and the safety of both mom and baby. A staunch believer in equality in all spaces, Danielle is committed to creating better outcomes for families, regardless of identity. 

Danielle is a past recipient of a national grant, through which she created free lactation services to underserved communities in Oklahoma and educational pathways for Ethnic professionals that increased lactation providers of color by 400 percent. She is currently facilitating Oklahoma Chocolate milk cafes. 


CCI Certified Outreach Perinatal Educator | 2022
Certified Waterbirth Practitioner | 2020 – present
DONA Advanced Birth Doula | 2016 – Present

DONA Advanced Postpartum Doula | 2016 – Present
DONA Certified Birth Doula | 2000- Present
DONA Certified Postpartum Doula |2007- present
Lamaze Teen Specialist | 2004 – present
Certified Breastfeeding Educator | 2013 – present 
Breastfeeding Educator |2000 – present
Certified Lactation Counselor | 20014 – present
Neonatal Resuscitation Program | 2016-present
CPR for the Professional Healthcare Provider | 2007 – present

Continuing Education
Breech Pro + Hands-On Simulations training | 2021
Perinatal Mood Disorders: Components of Care | 2016

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASSIST) | 2016
Passion for Birth- Lamaze Childbirth Education Seminar | 2016
American Association of Birth Centers Birth Institute | 2018
Mercy In Action-Midwifery Assistant Skills Workshop | 2015

Acupressure for Labor Support and Postpartum Care | 2014-present
Lactation Counselors Training Course | 2014
Spinning Babies & Resolving Shoulder Dystocia | 2014
MotherMassage-Massage During Pregnancy | 2013 – present


My Goals

I desire to help make the birth experience as rewarding and satisfying as possible for both mother and baby. By educating and providing practical support, I will help to build moms’ confidence and self-esteem.

Dads, my intentions for you, are to help you become familiarized with the language and process of birth. By coordinating our efforts as we fulfill the emotional and physical needs of the birthing mom, you will be equipped to confidently take a more active and supporting role during labor.

I understand that every birth has an uniqueness of its own and by uplifting and motivating, the both of you, I hope to help make your birth one of the most awe-inspiring, cherished, and memorable events of your lives.