Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care Scholarship Winner!

I am honoredHearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care Logo to be one of the recipient selected for the Hearthside Perinatal Bereavement Care- Student of Color Scholarship!

I have walked and served along families in the past who were healing from the loss of their child. I have served families who experienced a loss in each trimester and it does not matter at what stage the loss occurs….. it is still a loss. Moms and dads are now dealing with the loss of dreams, expectations, and their positions in life. It is my desire that I will be able to better meet the needs of my clients by incorporating the information and knowledge that I will learn from this 3 month training. I will be receiving information on the following subjects:

  • Processing Perinatal Grief
  • Siblings and Perinatal Grief
  • Pregnancy After Loss
  • Bereavement and Bonding
  • Lactation After Loss
  • Ethics in Early Pregnancy Loss
  • Perinatal Hospice & Carrying to Term
  • Emotional & Practical Support in the NICU
  • The Loss Art of Listening
  • Self-Care for the Bereavement Worker
  • Pregnancy Loss: What’s in a Name?
  • Memorial Making and Burial Items